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School Gaze Survey

I thought it would be interesting to devote the final section to sharing the thoughts of people who’ve been with me on this journey over the years as either a student or a teacher. I’m looking at what worked well, what was pretty awful and how things might be better.

If you’d like to take part, here’s a template to get you started. Say what you like but if you’re happy to be quoted, it would be useful to include short, pithy statements. If you want to stay anonymous, you might suggest a nickname for yourself! Reply via the website link, email, messenger... whatever works for you.

Spaces and Places

· Buildings

· Surroundings, green spaces, playing grounds

· Staffrooms and offices

· Classrooms

Relationships and School Management

· Between students

· Between students and teachers

· Between teachers and teachers—peers and managers

· Community as a whole

· Parents in general


· How much did the government (or whoever called the shots) impact the school? E.g. recruitment, promotional opportunities, workload, level of autonomy, surveillance

· Curriculum

· Teaching methods

· Assessment and reporting

Anything else you’d like to include that I’ve forgotten. Here’s the skeleton of the last section.

Section Eight: Black Mirrors and Crystal Balls

Chapter 19. Facing Our Challenges

Climate change, automation, social media, increasing demands (govt, parents)

Chapter 20. What If?

What to keep, kill, consider

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