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  • Carol Duval

Figueres and Dali

More art and more crowds but at least more bearable than in Barcelona—that is, the Dali Museum and Theatre in Figueres.

We spent nearly four hours in this amazing place and came out with a new respect for his work and a new hatred of photo-taking in galleries. I’m convinced their presence adds at least 30% in time to gallery visits, while waiting for people to take their photos and working around them. Not to mention the fact that so many people take photos but DON’T LOOK AT THE ART!

Ok, I admit to taking one or two.

Under his eye

They’d do us reality-based people a favour by staying home and looking at professional photos of the same things online!

That was my only grumble though. We found an excellent fish lunch spot too, that helped.

Now we’ve got a new book to cart around from the gallery shop so we can investigate his work in more detail and at leisure. I was quite keen on the Surrealists when at teachers’ college decades ago and now my interest is re-piqued.

Passion fruit, lime and gin cocktail

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