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  • Carol Duval

Yorkshire - Leeds and Harrogate

23rd November 2018

Harrogate—A bit like a northern Arundel but with department stores. Lovely Christmas lights and festive shop windows.

The magnificent Victorian Winter Gardens have been repurposed as a Witherspoon pub. Sadly the Witherspoon brand has gone downmarket as far as food goes depending mainly on the burger and chips crowd, but the magnificence of the setting can't be denied. If forced to live up north, Harrogate would be my first choice.

Leeds—the reason for our trip to Yorkshire. We invested in a share of a student apartment here a few years ago and needed to check it out. A long story to do with the UK system of freehold and leasehold properties.

We hadn’t been to Leeds in years so were very happy to see that it’s buzzing! No lack of confidence in THIS city. New, well-appointed office buildings, smartly-dressed workforce, solid-built housing stock. It seemed a bit of a power house from our short time there.

Leeds also has a reasonable Kristkindelmarkt!

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